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We didn’t know much about what happens to stormwater runoff before the start of this project. The folks at ISS and Water Logs were more than happy to answer all our questions in a very professional manner that made this subject much easier to understand... we were able to watch every phase of construction. Our biggest concern was how the site was going to look when completed. Its much more aesthetically pleasing than it was before!

Dale Boychak
Regulatory Compliance Officer,
R&S Northeast LLC,
January, 2018

ISS far surpassed our expectations on this project. The engineering team and construction crews were professional, efficient, and flexible. Our biggest concern was that our business operation would be adversely affected, but that wasn’t the case. They worked closely with us and respected our desire to minimize any disruption... I would recommend ISS to every property owner in Philadelphia.

William D. Golden,
General Manager,
Dependable Distribution Services, Inc.
May, 2016.

The Green City Clean Waters Initiative is using public-private partnership to address the city’s stormwater runoff problem. Rather than digging new tunnels and creating new storage tanks to hold runoff, this plan is adding green to our sidewalks, schools and parking lots, while keeping water affordable, enhancing public space and increasing property values. The collaboration between the Philadelphia Water Department, PIDC and ISS represents the partnerships that are creating sustainable urban growth in Philadelphia.

Philadelphia Industrial Development Corporation (PIDC), July, 2016

I wanted to personally thank you for surpassing our expectations on the storm water project at our Whitaker Avenue Complex... Your team worked extremely well with our Facility and Environmental personnel to make sure we remained compliant with all City and State Requirements... We have nothing but praise for your company... I would highly recommend Infrastructure Solution Services.

George Zauflik,
SVP of Compliance,
Cardone Industries
March, 2016

We’re excited about the Sandmeyer Lane Regional Stormwater Facility because it supports our commitment to funding innovative GSI to meet the City’s stormwater management goals. It wouldn’t have been possible without a successful working relationship with our partners in the project, PIDC and ISS. It also required the participation and support of the property owners on Sandmeyer Lane. The project provides environmental benefits and also a unique strategy for guaranteed long-term maintenance.

Phil Pickering,
Stormwater Billing & Incentives Program,
Philadelphia Water Department,
January, 2018.