Project Description:

ISS partnered with the Community Academy of Philadelphia (CAP) to design, build, and maintain 4 subsurface basins on the charter school’s property in summer 2018. The four subsurface basins installed on the property keep 3,000,000 gallons of stormwater out of the combined sewer systems annually. These basins, located in the Delaware River watershed, retain runoff equivalent to 750 mature evergreen trees or 4,000 individual deciduous trees. 

ISS has been working hand-in-hand with CAP since the close-out of the project to develop lesson plans that use GSI to help meet curriculum goals, teach students about their local environment, and introduce students to concepts of urban ecology. ISS has also been working with CAP to provide career path advice and opportunities in the green workforce.

The 5.21-acre site has a school building, which was originally built for warehouse use in the 1970’s and renovated to become a school in the 1990’s. The parcel has pavement surrounding most of the building, with a few areas of greenery around the periphery. The gross area is 270,983 sf and the impervious area makes up 223,752 sf. The stormwater management practices (SMPs) installed include four subsurface infiltration basins, totaling almost 22,000 sf. Together, these four basins manage the stormwater runoff from the impervious area and road right-of-way on Erie Avenue & K Street. The basins will capture more than 3,000,000 gallons of water each year. ISS placed two construction crews on this property throughout the hot summer to ensure the project was completed before the school year started. Amazingly, it took ten just weeks to complete using the compressed schedule and additional workforce.

ISS’ maintenance company has a 45-year O&M contract with the property owner to ensure the stormwater management system continues to function according to design.

Additional Details:

  • 98% of impervious area captured
  • 4 subsurface basins
  • Approximately three million gallons of runoff treated annually
  • Over 235,000 gallons of water stored by installed basins