5501 Whitaker Avenue, Philadelphia, PA

Project Description:

This 50 acre site is located in the combined sewer area within the Tookany-Tacony watershed. It is one of the largest public-private partnership stormwater projects in the Philadelphia region. The site includes 22 acres of roof and 13.5 acres of parking, which is managed by six different stormwater management practices (SMPs).

ISS completed a model, large-scale stormwater management retrofit on Cardone Industries’ 50-acre property in the Tookany-Tacony Watershed. The project included the installation of a 45,000 square foot vegetated detention basin, 10,000 square foot vegetated detention basin, 40,000 square foot subsurface detention basin, a 15,000 square foot subsurface detention basin, and a 530-foot vegetated swale.

The excess water is slowly released back into the local ecosystem and Philadelphia’s sewer system. More than 2.6 million square feet of the property was replaced with porous materials to allow water to pass through. Following the Green Stormwater Infrastructure installation, Cardone Industries received the “Watershed Corporate Steward” honor commending the company’s efforts to improve and protect their local watershed.

Additional Details:

  • 2 subsurface basins
  • 1 vegetated swale
  • 3 detention basins
  • The stormwater system handles approximately 5 million gallons of rainwater which is stored and slow released


Cardone Industries


$3.4 million SMIP grant