1330 Vernon Road, Philadelphia, PA

Project Description:

This 4-acre site is a Catholic church and school located in the Cheltenham neighborhood within the Tookany/Tacony-Frankford Creek Watershed. The parcel has 174,173 sf of gross area and 144,464 sf of impervious area.

A majority of the property is pavement, contributing approximately 3.5 acres of impervious area discharged runoff directly to the PWD separate sewer prior to retrofit.

The stormwater management practices (SMPs) installed include two bio-infiltration basins and three subsurface infiltration basins to collect runoff from a total of 86,000 sf of directly connected impervious area (DCIA). Rooftops, hardscape pedestrian area, and hardscape parking areas comprised the DCIA. SMPs are designed to direct stormwater runoff that exceeds the capacity of the SMPs to overflow into overflow structures,safely conveying it back to existing pipes.

Additional Details:

  • 111% of impervious area captured
  • 3 subsurface basins
  • 2 bio-infiltration basins
  • Approximately 2,900,000 gallons of runoff treated annually
  • Over 131,000 gallons of stormwater managed per storm
  • External roof drain disconnections, picking up sheet-flow, asphalt berms, and an inlet retrofit used for diversion